Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sentence Scrambles and Puzzles

We've been working on our multiplication facts.  They've had a lot of fun with these two activities!

The multiplication matching puzzle is for writing their facts 2 times each.  It can be found here.

This activity has the picture puzzle, a card game and fact family cards.  My students put the puzzle together and then used the fact family cards to practice their facts. You can find this product here.

This student is obviously still working on the puzzle.  He wasn't finished when I snapped this photo! Oops! 

After a trip to the zoo or a study on animals, students can edit and sort sentences, rewrite sentences in their own words, make inferences about animal traits, illustrate sentences and complete a word search.

The sentence scrambles really made them think about how words are used.  I need to create some more of these activities to use all year long.  This really kept the interest of some of my boys who have difficulty sitting still.  They enjoyed the challenge, so it's perfect for the end of they year when they have the wiggles!

This product contains 5 mammals.  I made 6 copies of each and let my students choose.  The students will use the same mammal for the remaining activities.  

Sentence Sorting, Editing and Inferences : Zoo Animals

You can grab this product for 50% off through May 17th! 

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