Sunday, December 21, 2014


Each year I enjoy making ornaments for my students.  I've found that it is best to make one type so that I don't have disappointed family members each year.  One year I made a very unique one for my son and decided I could make it for each of my students using their pictures from the first day of school.  It's not an ideal project to make in the winter since it requires a spray that should be used outside.

I can't seem to find a picture of it on the tree, however, here's the copy from my computer.  I printed out the pictures and cut them out to fit the size of a cd.  Then I glued them to each side of the cd.  The last step was to spray and seal them since I used an inkjet printer.   Then I punched a hole in the cd and tied a gold ribbon to it.

My plan was to make one each year for my son, but life gets busy.  I use a laser printer now so I could go back in time and make them.  I miss this sweet age and the days of Mickey Mouse.

For the last several  years, I've made this type of ornaments and I love it! They are easy to make.

We finally put our trip up and decorated, so here's the ornament.

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