Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year's Resolutions

I linked up with The Third Wheel for a resolution linky party. You can click on the link below to get the template!  Everyone is invited to join.

My work resolution is probably the toughest one to keep and it affects all other resolutions.  This year we are under OTES and I really dislike what it has done to education.  It has taken the joy out of teaching life and I just need to quit thinking about it.  My students are learning and I can teach, but that ridiculous rubric is always in the back of my mind.

Leaving by 5 is a stretch, but if I can do it twice a week then it's progress.  My son loves to stay in the after school program, so I've been in the habit of staying later since he enjoys it so much.  Since I stay late, I seldom bring work home which is a bonus.  I can work on TPT products and blogging in the evening.

I've grown to hate cooking. It takes up too much time and creates more to clean up.  If I leave work earlier, I should have more time to do this. We need to eat healthier, so I'm trying for most nights of the week. 

I just need to do it. A year ago, I was concerned about my blood pressure and one of the doctors at the office (not mine- mine knows better) said that since I had taught for 21 years that I should be able to pick up and leave at 4 and relax and go for a walk.  I'm sure my blood pressure shot up because she had no idea how much more work we have to do now.  With that said, it was one of the toughest groups I had in all 21 years and I just had to get through it. Margarita Fridays were helpful!

I love to swim and now my son is tall enough to enjoy the indoor pool here, so we've enjoyed going. He's old enough to stay in if I swim laps. If I stay at work too late then we don't make it before closing time.

I'm guilty of updating my school blog for my parents before this one. I need to spend a little more time here.  Creating products might interfere with everything above. It's a great excuse to procrastinate! It's so much more fun than cooking and exercise!  :) 


  1. Thanks for linking up! Isn't it amazing how there is always something to do in this profession. I am pretty sure they could put a cot next to my desk, and I could work 20+ hours a day. I can't wait to hear how you do with your leave by 5 resolution throughout the year! Be sure to check in with the monthly linky to keep us posted.

    Mrs. D
    The Third Wheel

  2. I hear ya! So many distractions to lead you away from the exercise!!
    Learning to be awesome

  3. I am totally trying to cook healthier dinners too - and it is so hard to leave school early enough to get it done consistently! Good luck achieving your goals, and Happy New Year! :)