Saturday, November 29, 2014


Thanksgiving break is winding down and I've been working on my wishlist for TPT.  You've heard about the sale, right?  My wishlist keeps growing!  I should be grading papers and working on lesson plans, but I've found some great materials while procrastinating!

I love looking for new ideas, so I decided to link up and share 2 popular wish listed items in my store an done item that is on my wishlist.  In addition to the CYBER sale, all items in my store will be an additional 20% off.  Be sure to use the TPTCYBER promo code at check out for a savings of 28%.

 The number 1 items that people have wish listed in my store is Pictographs.  This is a hands-on activity for building pictographs and it's a great way to reinforce those data skills!  It is part of this bundle.


The second most wish listed items is Graph It. It is another hands-on graphing activity that can be used as a station. It is part of this bundle.

Graph It

The scavenger hunts that are included in the bundles are a huge hit with students. 

It's so hard to pick just one because I just added over 15 items to my list.  I'm excited about this items.  I used her Fall and Thanksgiving selections and my students really enjoyed them and my principal was impressed with the questions being used as well as the focus on vocabulary.

Christmas Close Reading Passages, Text-Dependent Questions & More

Grab the banners and link up your blog! Store link ups will be deleted.

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