Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

We had a great day!  Instead of having a party, we had lunch in the room with some delicious snacks that parents sent in.  We enjoyed watching the Magic School Bus during lunch.  We may have extended our lunch time a tiny bit and watched 2 shows.


We worked on some measuring with spooky candy corns. 

We played a fun game that I found from somewhere.  Oops!  The class played against me and they won! 

They shared their descriptive paragraphs for their hats.  They enjoyed trying to stump the class. 

Students also worked on Halloween Mad Libs and that was a lot of fun!  We had a super day and I don't think they even missed not having a party! 

We are allowed 2 parties and we've chosen them for December and February.  How many parties are you allowed to have?

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