Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Black and White Copies

This year I had to change the way I use all of my math station products.  My class is most productive when they work independently, and according to a survey I took at the beginning of the year, that's exactly what they want to do.  There are a handful of students that prefer working with partners, and only one student picked working in a group as a favorite. 

Colored copies are fun, but the black and white copies work just fine!  Hopefully I won't create a paper shortage. This method is working best in my room this year and they are still having fun and learning a lot.  Sometimes I copy for each student and sometimes I make enough for partners. I'll save my colored laminated copies for small groups at my table.

Today we reviewed rounding 3-digit numbers to the nearest ten and hundred. We split the set into two groups of 12.  They rounded to the nearest 10 for the first 12 numbers and then they switched to the nearest hundred for the next 12.  The answer key was made for nearest hundred, so we made a few adjustments.

If your students need a little extra practice on rounding then you might find these activities helpful.

Rounding Pumpkins

Here's a fun little measuring activity.  The students will love the cute little candy corns. 

 Candy Corn Measuring

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