Saturday, May 3, 2014

Graph It! Bundle

I just put one of my top sellers, Graph It!, into a bundle with the Graph It! Scavenger Hunt. My students thoroughly enjoy these activities.

To end testing week, they worked on the scavenger hunt, which I set up a bit differently than usually.  The reason for this was my school bag had a little pop explosion and I had a difficult time cleaning off the laminated graphs. So, instead of trying to tape them up since it was so humid last week, I used it like a scoot activity. That will be the last time!

My students work best moving around the room at their own pace with the cards in order around the room. There's less confusion about where to go and it doesn't get too crowded in one place because they know they can move ahead and then move back. The earlier finishers don't have to wait around to move on. I can also pair up students that may need the help of a partner and it isn't as obvious to others.

Graph It! Bundle

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