Friday, April 18, 2014

Five for Friday

I thought I'd give Five for Friday a try this week.  I actually took pictures throughout the week!

Nature's cruel joke after a high of 80 on the weekend. 

I'm ready for spring.  

We finished up our unit on Economics and designed our own menus.  They enjoyed working on this and were very creative with their titles. 

We also finished up with our community helper unit.  Students loved this Top Secret project from One Extra Degree.  We posted these around the room and the students walked around and guessed which occupation it was based on the drawings. 

Instead of having a 3 day weekend, we had to have school on Good Friday so we could make up a snow day.  With a 2 hour early release, it wasn't so bad.  I planned a lot of fun things for the students to help review for the OAA in a week. 

Students hunted for eggs with a partner or small group. They had to solve the math problems in each egg.  I really love this type of activity to get them working together.  I hope that next year's class can do this as well.  

In the afternoon, we worked on language cards around the room.  

We ended the day with a treat. 

Happy Easter!

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