Monday, February 10, 2014

Persuasive Writing

Today we finished up with our persuasive writing pieces and shared them.  Students could choose between these topics:  school uniforms, dangerous dogs, classroom pets and later school start time.

My class likes dogs and sleeping in!  Those were the most popular topics. Do you see the channel 10 news helicopter? 

We also worked on some multiplication.

Tomorrow we'll be working on this Decimal Monster Activities. There are 4 activities and I'll divide my class into 4 groups.  There are enough cards for 6 students to share. 

Decimal Monsters 

The materials are all set up and ready to go for tomorrow.  How great are these trays?  I wasn't sure I'd have much use for them, but they've been great for science and math.  The students have to be a little more careful carrying them than they would with a basket. I like that they can easily see the materials and reach for them. We use baskets for math stations, but the trays work well for whole class activities.

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