Monday, February 3, 2014

Acquisition of Vocabulary

Every January I begin a unit on Famous People.  The little black and white printed books that I use for this unit are filled with some good basic vocabulary words.  It's also great for having students search for information because there isn't too much text on the page and every student can read it! At the end of the week they have a vocabulary test.

This year I added vocabulary blocks to the unit.  Students write the words and then draw a simple picture that reminds them of the word meanings.  I love their drawings.  It was fun to see how they visualize each word.

 Oops!  I cut off the vocabulary word. Can you guess the word?  
A) devise
          B) communicate
 C) popular
The correct answer is C.


Here's a copy of the vocabulary block printable.
* This is my first try with using Google Documents. It appears that I have an issue.  I'm working on it. :) 

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