Sunday, February 7, 2016


This sweet little girl is 3 1/2 months now and she's keeping us pretty busy.  The newborn puppy sleepy stage doesn't last very long and she seems to be a toddler who is curious about everything.  As much as I'd love a few snow days, I've appreciated this mild winter so she can get outside some.  Bostons are energetic little dogs and tired pups are good pups.

More destructive than a toddler at times!  She wanted to claim this by jumping in the picture!  When my son was little we really didn't have great phones, so now I'm going overboard catching puppy moments on my phone.   

She's been a great addition to our family and is helping me leave work earlier and we are all stepping away from the computer a lot more.  I don't step on Legos at home anymore either. 
Last week my students worked on their descriptive hearts!  They love this activity and they are becoming so much better as using descriptive words.  This year we made it a hallway display and number the paragraphs and hearts so others could try to match hearts with the descriptions.  It was perfect time for conferences, too!

Descriptive Writing:  Valentines

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