Sunday, October 25, 2015

Ready or Not... Halloween is Here!

I never know what to expect during the week of Halloween. Last week was CRAZY due to a 4-day week.  Last year, the 4-day weeks were easy.  I have so many fun Halloween activities to use this week.  I'm excited and I hope my students are, too! 

Halloween Bar Graph Scavenger Hunt 

This will be them up and moving around!  They love my scavenger hunt activities!  

Halloween Measuring in Inches and Centimeters

My class loves to draw and color, so they'll enjoy this fun measurement activity.  Students will select cards and draw the picture using the measurements on the card. 

 Descriptive Writing:  Pumpkins for Halloween

And we'll squeeze in some writing!  They love decorating their pumpkin and trying to guess which description matches which pumpkin. So many activities, so little time. We do not have a Halloween party so we try to include a lot of seasonal activities into our day.  

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