Thursday, July 9, 2015

Technology Fail

I love to take pictures!  Lots of pictures!  Digital photography is great until it isn't so great... corrupt files etc.  I periodically back up my phone files just in case I lose my phone.  I find myself using my phone for most pictures and video since it's small and I always have it with me.  March 2014 was the last time I backed up my phone from what I can tell on my computer.

So paranoia set in the night before we left for vacation and I tried to back up my phone.  It wasn't working.  My husband tried and tried and tried, but it still wasn't letting the backup to take place.  SD card is bad.  UGH!

I'm finally over misplacing or accidentally deleting my son's first Christmas and I will forever cherish the 4 photos I have and 30 seconds of video. :(  I'm forever grateful that when my son was born I loaded photos onto my new laptop instead of my desktop which crashed a week after he was born. This time I lost a year's worth of video and photos. I'm thankful that some of the important pictures were uploaded to Facebook or sent to friends or even emailed to myself.  I lost A LOT this time.

So anyway, I'm going to share a few photos because it doesn't hurt to have them in a few places. I know I took less photos than normal. I decided to just enjoy the moments because if technology fails then the moments are what I have.

Maui Day Trip- We were here for a heatwave and we found a really cool spot to stand and enjoy the breeze.  We didn't hike down to the beach.

Waiting for the fireworks.

Elevator View

We celebrated our 16th anniversary.

My son turned 8.


The Game Room

My son made some new friends and he left this message for a friend.

Sunset leaving Maui.

Sunrise heading home on the second leg of flight LA to Minneapolis.

Neat store!  

Our vacations will always overlap in some way with the Vegas TPT fun!  Maybe one day I'll be able to go.

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