Sunday, March 22, 2015

Silent Auction

On Friday, my school had their annual talent show and silent auction.  Each class provided or made items for the auction.  This year my class made coasters and they were a huge hit!  We'll be making some for Mother's Day because I think there were some disappointed moms that were outbid.

Just an FYI, permanent marker on tiles will not be set by baking them in the oven.  It's just a myth!  As a matter of fact, the artwork on the tiles that weren't baked before spraying stayed crisp and clear.

This was such an easy project.  Some students drew, some colored and some added the fine details. Everyone was able to participate and no one did a complete tile on their own.

My son's class made this beautiful piece of art. Unfortunately, I was outbid, but I successfully managed to help drive the bid up and help our PTO make money.  Another mother was more determined than I was, I guess.  It went for more than $175.00. I think it may have been the best money-maker at the auction.  Is it horrible to admit that I'm glad I didn't win it?

Does your school have a silent auction?  What have you made?  I forgot to get pictures of all of the creative ideas that our teachers had.

Here are a few of the coasters.

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