Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Snow Day #11

It was just too cold for students to be out, so today was a pleasant surprise. I thought our district might be a bit more conservative after 10 days, but the temps today just weren't safe!

This gave me some time to get my interims finished up, and provide feedback on my purchases on TPT so that  I'm ready for the sale starting tomorrow.  Don't forget to earn your credits for giving feedback!

Here's a fun activity to use while it's still cold and snowy! With all of the indoor recesses, it's a great activity to get the students up and moving around the room. 

If you are tired of winter and would like something to remind you of summer, then this is a fun theme! 

Pictograph Bundle 

Each item in the bundle can be found separately in my store. 

Pictograph Scavenger Hunt 
Pictograph Scavenger Hunt- Winter Activities

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