Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Fiction and Nonfiction

Today we talked about Fiction and Nonfiction books. I saw a really neat anchor chart on Pinterest , so I borrowed the chart and turned it into a Powerpoint and interactive learning chart along with a page for our notebooks. 

My class is pretty fidgety this year, so my goal was to get them up and moving in a very structured way.   Turning my back to the students and making them wait while I write just won't work this year.  They work well when I'm moving around and calling on them to participate.

Students were given strips of the chart. As I called on students to read the Powerpoint, which showed one characteristic at a time, students with the paper brought it to me to add to the chart.  I think we'll work up to the students gluing it to the chart, but we aren't there yet. 

Students also had sheets with these characteristics that they could refer to. This works well for them.

When we were finished, students added this information into their binders (interactive notebooks). They enjoy cutting and pasting activities.

I'm experimenting with ways to keep them engaged because other methods I've used for 21 years just aren't working so well. And, well there is OTES...

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