Sunday, January 26, 2014

Saturday Sweets- Can we have some on Sunday, too?

I'm linking up with Saturday Sweets with A Classroom Full of Smiles. 

My students love math stations!  I think it's one of their favorite parts of the day because they can move around and chit chat a lot more. I also try to find a way to incorporate drawing/coloring into many of the activities.  My artists love this! 

This week we were working on multiplying by 3 and we used one of my freebies in my store. 

You can find it here:  Multiplying x3

 Multiplication x3 

It has taken a day to complete each part.  They like to chit chat while coloring, so it slows them down. This week we will finish the last part of this project with this activity. Click on the picture.

What are some ways that your students practice multiplication?